Christian Courting

Courting and finding a good romantic affair can be exciting and worrying at the same time. It is exciting because you will be meeting someone new. You need to ease your way into their lives slowly. Courting really means getting to know someone and their life’s interests. Finding a good partner means finding a person who is compatible with all aspects of your life. This can be worrying if religious differences will put a strain on your relationship. By following some simple Christian courting tips and advice you can avoid pit falls like this.

Firstly you need to decide where you want your romantic affair to end up going to. If you are looking for a short, quick romantic affair then Christian courting is not for you as you place no sanctity in marriage. As the end result most of the time of a Christian courting romantic affair is marriage, you will need time to build a stable relationship. For the romantic affair to be a success you should both be able to communicate your ideas, your feelings and above all what you need and want in a romantic affair and a marriage.

Without this communication you will have no idea if you can fulfill the needs you both will have in your relationship. Another thing to remember is that Christian courting doesn’t imply that you should stay in a romantic affair with someone that you have no shared interests with, or even enter a romantic affair with someone that you know is not right or you. This person may look to be the embodiment of your hopes and dreams but if your instincts tell you otherwise let them go.

Also if you find yourself trying to make excuses for what your partner does, then this is not a romantic affair to try and make work. Any excuses made for the other person in the romantic affair means that you are compromising your values and your commitment to a good marriage and God.

As marriage is a give and take life commitment you should try to choose a life partner that you can be happy with. People who take drugs, or drink excessive amounts of alcohol are not the type of person that you should choose to share your life with. By deciding to try Christian courting with such a person is a mockery of God and the pure sanctity of marriage.

While there is a usual amount of disagreement happening in any relationship, constant fighting will put a strain on your lives. Therefore if there is constant and excessive arguments going on in your relationship, the best thing is to end this romantic affair slowly but completely. You will need to choose a life partner that you are compatible and happy with. Christian courting therefore is the first step towards a marriage that is blessed by God.

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