Boyfriend Advice

Well you have gone through the courting game and you are now in a steady romantic affair. Having achieved the ultimate goal or next to ultimate goal, you will want to keep your romantic affair going strong and steady. You also need boyfriend advice so that you don’t lose him to some other lady.

First of all you need to understand a little about the way he thinks. For a gentleman success and accomplishment are very important. These traits build up a man’s confidence in him. Men generally value power, efficiency, achievement and competency. A gentleman must feel motivated in order to accomplish any task that he sets out to do. Therefore a very important piece of boyfriend advice is to be supportive and believe that your boyfriend can do many different things. Show him that you are standing strongly besides him.

In a romantic affair a gentleman will desire two things, they are companionship and sex. Yes for a gentleman sex is very important but if you aren’t ready for that stage of your romantic affair just yet then let your boyfriend understand this fact early in your romantic affair. Letting him think that you are willing to have sex when you aren’t is just putting your whole romantic affair in trouble. Remember this boyfriend advice before things start to get out of hand.

The other thing that a gentleman wants in a romantic affair is companionship. Ladies this boyfriend advice will ensure that no other lady can get her hands on your boyfriend. While ladies want a strong gentleman that they can lean on when things that rough, gentlemen would also like someone that they can lean on, a person who will listen to their problems sympathetically without suggesting that he change himself.

As gentlemen love to be the hunter you can remind your boyfriend of how things are between you both by every once in a while keep him guessing what you want to do next. Remember this little bit of boyfriend advice – gentlemen do not like being in a romantic affair where the lady changes her mind and what she is saying every other moment.

Whatever you do to keep your boyfriend in a romantic affair with you, you will need to be creative and fun loving. You should also try and make sure that you are not going to change him. The only thing that this will achieve is to let your boyfriend know that you don’t appreciate him at all.

There are many pieces of boyfriend advice that you can receive, but the best one is to make your romantic affair with him feel even more special. Planned carefully your boyfriend will think that he has found the other half of him and he definitely won’t look at other women. And that’s really the only thing you want to be assured of in the long run. Besides of course the fact that he wouldn’t trade you in for a dozen Halle Berry’s!

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