If you want to have a really good time while finding that partner that is right for you there are two really good ways of getting to know a lot of people in a very short period of time with online dating being one of them. With online dating you can review as many profiles as you want and contact as many people as you want in your quest of a hot date.

The second option is speed dating which is great fun if approached in the right frame of mind but speed dating does involve meeting face to face and your time with each person you meet is extremely limited. But then there is nothing to stop your trying to the two options online dating and speed dating in parallel to see which works best for you.

If you are going to chat to several members of an online dating site you have to be a bit careful as some people who participate in online dating prefer to stick to one at a time. It's best not to make it to obvious that you are playing the multiple dating game as it could ruin your chances with someone who really grabs your interest.

If you want to minimize the risk of upsetting anyone with your online dating, make sure you know everyone you initiate contact with and keep a good record of all the little details that may catch you out such as children's names and hobbies. Online dating is brilliant for chatting with many people as initially there is no face to face contact so you can keep all the information you need readily to hand.

It's good to keep your options open so there is nothing wrong with using online dating sites to contact several people in one go, in fact its one of the reasons that makes online dating so much more successful than other methods of finding a date. However, once you go beyond the online relationship and the initial first meeting you might then want to consider which way you want to go.

Once you become more interested in a particular person and the interest is matched its best etiquette to call a halt to the multiple online dating and start having one to one fun.


Source by Terry Ross