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Lessons On A Classic: The Coffee Date

Lessons On A Classic: The Coffee Date


So you started talking to a girl somewhere and swapped numbers, what's the next step? Well depending on how well the two of you got on and how safe she feels around you, there are two simple possibilities. If there was a clear spark, take her out to dinner. If you are uncertain about how well the two of you connected, coffee is not only the most secure, but the finest option. It makes it possible for you to get to know each other better, as well as ensuring that the attraction is real before taking the next step.

How soon should you get in touch with a woman after obtaining her number?

You really should wait between two and three days prior to calling her, either he is good. The delay is because you do not want to seem too enthusiastic and you could risk putting her off. If your routine only permits you to meet up with her a day later or a week later, the second option is the best option. It also provides a subtle, mysterious attribute to her opinion of you because she will wonder what makes you so occupied, though this will vary from girl to girl. Ask her what time fits her best and work with that, as it shows that you're prepared to be flexible.

The reason for the coffee date is to find out about her.

A tiny bit of flirting is often beneficial, though there is a time and a place. It is up to you to gather whether or not flirting will be acceptable, but do keep in mind that the point of this date is to get to know her, not to get with her. Forget that this is a date, and as an alternative think about it as a standard conversation with a friend. This way your focus will be more targeted at finding out about her and her interests, as opposed to whether or not she may be a possible partner.

The advantage of getting to know her will unduly pay off, short-term and long-term. The better you get to know her on the coffee date, the better you will be able to gauge if you can see yourself with her. This is especially what a coffee date is all about, so the more you find out about your date, the better you can figure out whether or not you and your date share any chemistry.

It's vital that you pay attention to the conversation.

Ensure you pay attention to what she talks about and is interested about what you are talking about. Your goal is making sure she has fun because if she does not, the chance of a second date will decrease drastically. Ask her questions about what she's saying, and be really interested. If she does not end the date, make sure you do before the conversation turns stale, and if you're interested in the conversation, you will know when the time comes to do so. This is why men with female friends know more about women.

When the two of you rendezvous, offer to pay for her coffee. If she says no, and looks like she is doing so because she wants to be polite, insist. If she's more of a modern woman and prefers to pay for it herself, then let her by all means. Do not be afraid to ask to see her again then and there because at the very least, you'll know whether or not she's keen.


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