What turns women on the most. Is it his looks, charm, sense of humor, goals in life, family, money? Actually none of that matters if you're able to get into the woman's sexual part of her mind.

A woman's mind is complicated, but can be simplified

Women do not base their thinking on logic. Instead they focus on the emotion that comes into dating. This is why there are so many complications between men and women when they're in a relationship. One of the biggest mistakes a man can make is not tapping into her sexual side.

To increase a woman's sexuality, you need to remember to touch the woman you're dating. This can either make or break a date. Consider it a good thing to see where you stand rather than trying to analyze and predict. Touching is often overlooked by men who are typically too intimidated to make the first move. It is key to be successful with women.

Do not be hesitant to start touching when you first meet her. Make her feel comfortable to be around you through touch. As humans we always want to be touched. Why do you think babies always want to touch things? It's also way more powerful than words alone. Be careful though that not all types of touch is allowed. You can come off as creepy if you're light touching in areas that women do not expect, such as her neck, chest, and shoulders.

Keep these things in mind when you approach a woman.


Source by Jenny Berk