After searching through various supposedly free dating sites I noticed that many of them had the same thing in common. They really were not completely free! Many people who start these online dating sites find that the best way to market their site is to mislead people into thinking the website is free to get them to join. What you normally get that's free is a free profile or basic membership. This membership limits you from contacting other members unless of course you're willing to fork over your credit card information.

Most dating websites that are completely free will use the terms 100% free, completely free, totally free, or absolutely free all over their website. It does not make much sense to hide the fact that you're dating site is free if you want people to join. When it does state this on the dating site, make sure they're not referring to women who join because many dating sites give completely free memberships to women but make the men have to pay for their membership. Make sure the website says completely free for "everyone" prior to joining.

One thing that most free dating sites does not have is an affiliate program. Those that do often pay very small commissions such as $ .50 or $ 1.00 for each person that joins. Search the bottom of the supposedly free dating site you want to join and see if you can find a link that says "affiliates" or "make money" which is usually on the bottom navigation. If they do have an affiliate program that pays $ 10 or more chances are you're dealing with a paid dating site.Another thing you should be looking for is the link to their affiliate programs is a link to their membership fees. If you do find this link that's a clear giveaway that your supposedly free membership really is not totally free.

Occidentally, you may run into a dating website that's impossible to tell whether its free or not. While this is rare, some dating webmasters want to remove all signs of a paid dating site until you've finally joined. This way they can easily lure you in and then charge you once you've found someone you're really interested in. If you really want to be sure if the dating site you're joining is completely free the easiest way to do this is to contact the webmaster of the dating sites. Make sure to ask them if "all" their features are free to members and not just some of them. The more clear you are the more likely they will give you an honest responses.


Source by Greg Davidson