So you've decided to try Online Dating. Nothing wrong with that, they do say that more couples meet from Online Dating these days then from traditional venues. There are a few simple guidelines to follow though.

1. Pick your website, thankfully there are plenty to choose from. If you're looking to date in a specific religion, try JDate.com and eHarmony.com (specify on the bottom which religion). There are also paid, and not paid websites. Match.com, PlentyofFish.com and Zoosk.com are good examples, to simply name a few.

2. Once you have picked a website, register! Picking a username can be just as important as choosing the right pictures. Your username is the first thing that will be noticed other than your pictures. DO NOT pick a username that makes sense to only you. If your hilarious nickname is an inside joke that only you and your friends get – do not use it. It's a wasted effort that most likely will not be rewarded. The people searching for you might not get it and may not be interested to meet you. Choose a username that sums you up quickly. For example, if you love sports you could choose your favorite sport and include it. DONT choose something along the lines of "nosepicker123". (Are you getting mental images now?)

3. DO NOT LIE !!!!!! If you end up meeting someone, they'll figure it out, just as they would in person ever. Online dating is to weed through some of the BS that you can not do right away when meeting in person. So, do not waste your time or someone else's by lying. Be honest about who you are, and you'll come off confident and sexy. And we all know how far confidence can get us over looks even. (I did say CONFIDENT, NOT arrogant).

4. Choosing the right pictures! Okay, so for the failure people that will be looking at your profile. Choose photos where you look like you. DO NOT Photoshop or edit them! Choose pictures where you're alone and no other same sex parties are with you to be compared to. Once again, if you lie with your pictures, when the person meets you they'll know right away. You've only wasted everyone's time involved and especially money if you're on a paying website. Also ALWAYS include pictures if you can, people tend to gravitate towards profile with pictures because they will not walk into a date or even a conversation completely blind.

5. Be flirty !! Do not be overly flirty either! Be fun and outgoing in your conversations, joke around and have light hearted conversations over heavy serious ones. No one likes a Debby Downer! Fun banter back and forth is always a good sign because it is usually fun for both people. For example, if a guy says he's good at basketball, the girl can flirtingly say that she can easily beat him and winner for Ice Cream! Obviously, apply the example to your own interests, but you should get the general idea.

So remember, Online Dating can be a great way to meet the love of your life or simply connecting with interesting people who you would not normally meet. So do not be shy and jump in!


Source by Alina Renert