One of the most difficult dating tasks of all time is how to please a woman. It’s very hard to figure out what a particular woman actually wants based on her personality. You can never please a woman unless you know what they want from you. Women expect men to know what they expect and want from them but how to figure out what they truly want? The best way is to be direct and ask a woman what she expects and wants from you. But there are some frequent aspects which apply to almost all women. Read on to find out what these aspects are and how you can please a woman.

Are you in the minor league? – Women like men who like to lead therefore if you are still in the minor league of men who always put women in the leader spot than you might never be able to please a woman. Learn to take charge right now and be the leader. Women are only pleased by men who have strong control over almost everything.

Make her feel good- One of the best ways to please a woman is to make her feel good in your company. Be a problem solver and learn to comfort her when she is depressed or in a bad mood. The more good she feels around you the more pleased she would be.

Express love- By expressing love it does not imply that you just have to say random “I love you” here and there to please her but expressing it with feelings. Women are emotional in their outlook and are very quick to figure out whether you mean it or not. Therefore don’t even say it if you don’t mean it.

Compliment wisely- One of the best ways to please a woman is to compliment her when you feel she truly deserves it. Women are quick to pick up on fake compliments and would know when you are saying it just to make them feel good.

Make her laugh- Humor is one of the most important aspect which every woman wants in her man. You simply can not please her unless you know how to make her laugh. Always keep a handy list of jokes and use them according to the situation to make her laugh and eventually please her.


Source by Pushpa Pal Singh