There are a few forms of hypnosis. It is one thing to learn how to hypnotize people while they are aware that you’re doing it. This can be done in order to pursue a career in clinical hypnotherapy or to perform casual hypnosis for friends and relatives. An entirely different, and all together more difficult thing to do, is to learn how to hypnotize somone without him or her even knowing it. This is a powerful tool as this ability can be used to achieve many goals such as:

  1. Getting more sales
  2. Getting your boss to like you more and promote you faster
  3. Getting more dates and being able to seduce them without trouble
  4. Getting people to agree with whatever you say and want
  5. Make more money
  6. Many more. I’m sure you can imagine some things.

The practice of hypnotizing people without them knowing it is known as covert hypnosis. What is amazing is the extent of the control someone who is proficient in covert hypnosis can exert upon other people, all without leaving a trace.

How Is This Done And How Can You Learn This? Covert hypnosis is done by becoming a master at conversational hypnosis, the art of hypnotizing the person or persons with whom you’re speaking with. By using certain power words, suggestive phrases, inflection, tone of voice, intonation, and facial expressions, you can create a powerful suggestive message which will be implanted in the psyche of the person you’re speaking with. By inserting this message to his or her mind, he or she will be sure that it was a thought they had come up with themselves.

You can learn to control Covert Hypnosis by getting an online training program and learning how to do this at home. This is by far the most affordable method, and it is highly effective. There are 2 excellent programs on the internet today: The Conversational Hypnosis and The Underground Hypnosis program. Either of these 2 programmes can teach you how to hypnotize people secretly and basically get them to do what you want. You can read about Conversational Hypnosis on this website: Conversational Hypnosis and a comparison between the two programs on one of the links below.

Remember that Covert Hypnosis is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.


Source by Mike Eltis

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