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Female Boss Seducer Tactics – How to Attract Your Superior and Get Her to Sleep With You

Female Boss Seducer Tactics – How to Attract Your Superior and Get Her to Sleep With You


Most female bosses and managers out there tend to be career-driven, so they might be utterly cautious when it comes to dealing with work romance, most of all with subordinates. Because of this, it might be a little difficult to seduce your boss; however, with the deadly tips I am about to share, your chances are going to be high in that department.

Do listen to this, though: if your plans of seducing your boss is merely to get promoted, stop reading this instant. I mean, come on! Would it really be worth it to get a corner office in exchange for constantly having a fat and wrinkly woman obsessively running after you? I think not. However, if you really find power suits attractive and would like to have a boss for a lover, feel free to read on and make her surrender to your power and greatness in no time…

– Do Not Waste Time. The very first thing you need to do is let her know that you like her as soon as possible and the greatest way to get this done would be through flirting. Watch her reactions after that; if she flirts with you, too, then your chances are mighty high!

– Give Her Little Gifts. Find some excuse to give her little gifts. You can even just say it’s because she has been such a great boss. Do not be too sexual, though. If you give her crotchless panties or a 10-inch strap-on, you are sure to go down in a flash. Try lollipops instead and get her to eat them in your presence. That should be enough to make her like you – a bit, at least. Now for the next step…

– Seal The Deal. After establishing the first flames of attraction with the boss, ask her on a date and close the deal. Think about how fun role-playing can be and ask her to go visit you at your house in her work clothes and a ponytail…


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