Being a mother is a wonderful experience to have and share. What about if there is no one in the picture to share it with? Or maybe you are a bit shy of coming out of the cocoon into the dating world, and how people are going to take it. Here are a few but very important dating tips that you need to follow while dating in order to be happy, and share the love.

1. Do not let the kids have control over you. Not a single child likes to see their mother in the arms of another man. Make them understand that you too need friends and that nothing is going to change, you will continue to love them no matter what.

2. Never succumb to pressure. The outsiders will remain outsiders, and you should not let them interfere with your relationship whateversoever. It's good to listen to their views and reasoning, but be the final decision maker in terms of your needs and your future.

3. If your done, your done. Your kids may have grown attached to someone and leaving him makes you feel guilty, but think about it, you may end up hurting them in the long run.

4. You do not have to play the martyr. Never let the kids come between you and your man, or use them as an excuse. You are a free woman, and nobody should take that away from you.

5. Prioritize on what you do. Do not let feelings or raging hormones drive you into making decision that may harm you in the long run.

6. Tell the truth. Beating around the bush and lying will only complicate the dating process. Do not keep any secrets from your man, or your children, instead be frank and explain things in an open way.

7. Be patient. Do not try to rush things, do not make the man take the responsibility of being a father, or make the kids accept the man as a father. With time, everyone will start accepting the change and taking responsibility.


Source by Jessica N King