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Connect With Women

Connect With Women


All women want to feel a connection with a man. This is taken out by men, in an attempt to build a relationship with a woman as quick as possible. They tend to start agreeing with everything she says, and even compliments her as well.

Girls are now immune to this type of pickup. Nowadays women blow off men who try to fake connections or build a deep connection really fast.

Although it is important to connect with a woman, you should atleast wait a coouple of hourse before trying to be her soulmate. This is due to the fact, you should atleast build up some social value before trying to connect. Women want to build a connection with a high value person, not just every admirer that walks up to her.

There are plenty of ways to build a lot of social value when meeting a woman for the first time. This is the motive of the first five minutes of meeting her. You want her to see you as an equal or slightly above her. Being way to far above is not very good, because you must live in the same world in order to have a "deep" connection.

This is why women do not like to date celebrities, they know that instead of relaxing at home on a Friday night their whole lifestyle will change (which is scary for women and men alike). Women want a guy that they can connect to and be with for a very long time.


Source by Brandon C Swain

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