If I were to give you only 3 online dating tips it would be:

Be honest.

Being honest, doesn’t mean telling everyone online all of your business. You have absolutely no obligation to tell all of these total strangers, everything about you and your life.

If you are asked something you feel is too intrusive, do not lie. I simply say, “I really don’t know you well enough to answer that.” Or, “I don’t feel comfortable enough to answer that question.”

Expect honesty.

If you are being honest about all of the basic issues of your life, you have a right to expect the same. When it becomes apparent that someone is openly lying to you, it is time to end all communications. Never forget; if someone will lie to get you…they will have to continue to lie to keep you. Do not except that type of treatment.

Be fair.

I really do not believe it is fair, to expect to find and keep a “10” and we are a self proclaimed “5”. You are only setting yourself up for heartache.

But on the flip side, there are quite a few “8’s” that intentionally look for “5’s” and below. When I question this…? They honestly feel that someone “beneath” them will treat them better. They couldn’t be further from the truth! My personal experience has been the complete opposite. This is a mistake I avoid repeating…

No matter what…be true to yourself. Refuse to let anyone manipulate you with their dishonesty and unfairness.

You deserve the best…never let anyone try and tell you otherwise.


Source by Vivian Johnson