3 Day Dating Rule


To date that blond bombshell that you had first dated recently at the pub, you would need to pay close attention to the 3 day dating rule in order to achieve success. The fact is, the success of getting that second date is very much determined by what you do and say after your first date.

Do the right things and you will be amply rewarded as you would find yourself advancing way beyond that fateful second date. Who knows, you might even be hitched at the end of the day. Screw things up, and that will be the last time you will see her. While there are no precise rules to follow to get that second date, we offer you guidelines for your reference in the form of a 3 day dating rule.

The first thing which might be wrecking your nerves for the past one week would often be either to call her or not. Sure, you've changed numbers the last time. But the big question is whether I should call her, and when. In this case, it is important to first ask yourself if you are serious into going on a long term relationship with her. If the answer is a "no", then it is best to let things rest at where they were and not make that call.

However, if you are actually interested in her, then you should really pluck up that courage and make that call. It is also important as to when you call her. Calling someone right after that first date is a big no-no as you will not want to be seen as being desperate for her. On the other hand, you will not want to wait too long as she might have forgotten you altogether. The trick here is striking a balance. Usually a three day interval before calling her is the best for it does not make you look desperate while possibly arousing a sense of anticipation in her.

The next thing to do would be to carry the game a little further. Ask her for a second date when you ever call her. Do not however, rush into this as you would also need to test her interest in having a second date. Rushing things may sometimes result in undesirable reactions such as a flat rejection. Instead, work things slowly by touching on other light-hearted topics such as her hobbies. Should both of you happen to be art fans, you might find it pretty advantageous to play on this common interest by suggesting a date to the art museum. In any case, test her reaction before proceeding further.

Last of all would be the topic on flowers. Should you send her some flowers, or should you not? This is tricky as different girls have different views with regards to flowers. If you are considering roses, choose from colors that convey lighter meanings rather than the red rose. Pink or yellow roses make fine examples in this case, symbolizing gentle feelings of love. A stalk of these with a simple card would be sufficient to convey the message of thanks for the last time you went out together. Avoid getting huge bouquets of red roses for it may just shock her into oblivion. Save these for the future.

The above mentioned guidelines are by no means exhaustive. Be creative, modify them to suit you and you will definitely see success at the end of the road.


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