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Women want a romance and not just sex, which goes against want men want most the time as they are more inclined to sex. Not that we are discriminating but it's the way of things. There has been a significant rise in number when it comes to women looking for women these days, maybe as a company or to the share themselves personally and enjoy their companionship physically as well. Some celebrities also have same sex partners and have found bliss in their coming together together like Ellen De Generes, Cynthia Nixon, Lindsay Lohan, Rosie O 'Donnell and many more.

What attracts women to women is perhaps the emotional part of them that they can share which may be lacking in interaction with male companions. If you are someone who also is looking for women, today there are lots of ways to social interact with someone of the same interests like on Facebook which you can indicate your interests through your private settings.

Now you might wonder how to go about dating a woman. Well the ground rules stay the same, dating together only gives you an added insight as you are a woman yourself. If you search online, there are even sites specific to countries like womenrussia.com which exist if you are women looking for women.

People may choose to place a tag like the 'L' word for it but let us say do not let them stop you from having a perfectly normal relationship with someone of your same sex. It is accepted by most societies if you have the same sex partner like Ellen De Generes got married and so did Elton John. Countries are moving forward with making same sex marriages legal. If you are looking for sites do cater to interactions with the same sex you can try out pinkcupid orkut or Facebook.

Do these sites cost any money to sign up? Absolutely not! Free social networking sites and then of course you can switch to messengers to keep chatting online privately. We suggest you get to know each other online, do not share everything and then of course at point meet in person. Go for the occasional coffee or drive and talk. With women the one good thing is that they can talk to each other. Women can often find it tough to open up to companions or may have serious dislikes in their relationship with a male.

Women looking for women should be confident about why they are seeking the same sex and not shy away on being confronted as your relationship might suffer. In case you are married woman, get to know the other person, there is no harm in that but but before you take it any further make up your mind about the one with your previous partner.

Lastly, though you may be of the same sex, it is now necessary that you like and love the same things. Adjust, get to know each other, accept and you will soon find bliss with your partner.


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