The unfoldable bridge

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There are heaps of assorted solutions for erecting bridges—but the original approach developed by TU Wien, the balanced reducing approach, is relatively spectacular: the bridge is no longer constructed horizontally, as would customarily be case, but erected in a vertical space after which turned around into the horizontal space. The principle mountainous scale assessments had been implemented in 2010; since then, the approach has been sophisticated and tuned unless within the rupture finding its first software program by the ASFINAG for 2 bridges of the Fürstenfeld Motorway S7. With the erection path of successfully carried out for the Lahnbach Bridge, the 116 m long bridge over the Lafnitz used to be “unfolded” on the 27th of February 2020. Without a scaffolding mandatory, this original bridge construction approach no longer only saves time but additionally money and sources.
The unfoldable bridge
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