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Unless there is a reasonable assurance of a capacity of existing in harmonic or congenial combination, it does not make any sense to take a relationship forward.

Things have changed a lot on the dating scene. Online dating is fast replacing the 'bar scene' where men and women would meet. Online or otherwise, dating still remains a ritual for testing compatibility, a test whether two individuals can go ahead and create a long lasting relationship.

We live in a society where there are rules for everything. We eat according to set timings. There are also generally accepted rules according to which we are expected to have in public. If that is true, then there are also rules to dating, more so when it is with someone what you have never seen and only chatted online. Actually, dating tips for women is one of the hotly discussed topics in online forums and dating websites.

Using an online dating service can be a bit tricky especially if you are new to online dating. However, it can be fun if consider a few online dating tips for women.

– If you are placing a dating ad, you do not want to limit your options. Avoid bragging and present yourself as a normal and good person to know.

– Try to be honest but not too honest about your weak points. If you are home always, instead of writing that you have an uneventful life, write that you have a carefree lifestyle.

– Avoid chasing men through emails. Wait and let them come to you.

– While replying an email, do not appear to be too needy. Wait for three days before returning and never on a weekend.

– Ensure that your humor comes across well in text.

– Log in for short periods, not too short though.

Safety ranks as the first all online dating tips for women. This may sound commonsense but is actually the most powerful of all internet-dating tips for women. Many things can go wrong in online dating and there are many horror stories to prove that. Remember that written communication can be misleading. Non-verbal communication such as body language, gestures, eye contact and voice tonality play an equally important role while evaluating a person.

No matter how long you have been chatting online, never give out your home address or telephone number. Meet in public places. Take your time before forming an opinion.

One of the best and time-tested dating tips for women has always been to evaluate your date first before moving forward. It holds true even today and for online dating as well. However, women need to know the characteristics on which to base their evaluation.

It is better to keep away from men who keep pointing to your bad qualities and give an impression that they are the ones who are compromising in the relationship. Similarly, men you are not comfortable with are better left alone. Also, avoid men who keep postponing appointments and those who profess to understand you completely. These are signs of trying to act as your superior. Relationships founded on equal footing have a greater potential of thinking long.


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