Over 50’s Singles Take a Proactive Approach to Mature Dating Online


So you are 50 plus and seeking a new relationship – what better way to do so than to go to a mature dating service! The over 50s may be wiser and worldlier when it comes to love the second, or subsequent time around.

Over 50s have been there, done it – and worn the t-shirt. They will definitely be more discriminating, perhaps less demanding and certainly more realistic. An older and wiser woman probably won’t expect her new male friend to be a perfect angel and so will be more likely to put up with his (almost certain) faults. Hopefully, an older man will be less likely to look for glamour although he’d probably still appreciate good looks and a well cared-for appearance. He will want good conversation, a sense of fun and humour, and a personality that triumphs over physical attractiveness as the years go by.

So – what are good things to aim for when seeking love the next time around? Maybe the first thing is to work out how to present yourself favourably to your prospective partner. It’s best to be honest but do use positive and snappy language – if you’re on the tubby side you can’t say you’re slim – but you could say you’re nice and cuddly! That will give your audience an honest image of what you are like, at the same time conveying your bubbly personality; this is more likely to draw interest than if you had painted an exaggerated picture of slimness and glamour!

Avoid boring conventional language and try to think up an unusual yet accurate picture of yourself with a joke or witticism, demonstrating, not merely stating, your GSOH!

Finally, Jane Juska, American author and retired English teacher who wrote A Round-Heeled Woman : My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance, about her search for sex at 67 years of age may give us a clue as to how to go about things. Her recently published book is based on her advertisement in a lonely hearts column: “”Before I turn 67 – next March – I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like”. The honest and punchy ad drew a lot of interested responses!

As for younger age groups the same need for care and caution alongside a healthy skepticism, apply. Don’t expect too much from your date and just take things slowly and as they come – good luck!

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Source by Dan L Wilson

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