Online Dating – Things That You Should Know

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If you are planning on using on line dating services to meet people with what you can go out on dates, you can have a very good time. Many people have met their husbands or wives over the internet. The internet is the new type of singles club and just about everyone can meet someone to date on line. However, you should follow these rules:

Post An Up To Date Photo Of Yourself

If you are heavy, do not say you are thin. Do not post a 10 year old photo of yourself on the on line dating service. This may fool the person into meeting you, but chances are that he or she will be very disappointed by your appeal and not want to see you again. Be honest about who you are, what you like and what you do not like right from the start and you will get a better type of man or woman.

Give Only A Cell Phone Number

Because a home number can be traced to your home, this can be dangerous when meeting strangers on an on line dating service. While the majority of the men and women who you meet are looking for love, just like you, there are always predators, in any situation. By giving your cell phone number, you are protecting your street address and no one will be able to trace it back to your home.


Meet In Public

When you arrange a meeting with the date that you meet on the on line dating service, choose a public place and meet for an hour at the most. Tell them that you only have an hour before the meeting. This gives you an out if you do not hit it off with the new person. It also makes sure that if you do hit it off, he or she will want to see you again. Meeting in public is also a safe option, especially when it comes to someone who you are meeting from an on line dating service.

Look For Friends First

Make sure that you do not look for fireworks on the first date. There is nothing like the idea of ​​"chemistry," right from the start, but in most cases, this soon fizzles. Couples who are able to make their relationship work usually start out as friends and then become lovers. This is always the best option when talking about finding love. Look for someone with what you have a lot in common, who enjoys the things that you love to do and with what you can have a good time. This is true "chemistry." Sexual chemistry, while nice at first, soon dies out.

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You can find love at an on line dating site, or just about anywhere else if you are in the right frame of mind. Make sure that you look your best, exude confidence in yourself and look for someone who will become a friend, rather than fireworks to go off. Because, at the end of the day, what you can really wish for when it comes to any romance, is that you can get a best friend out of the deal.

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