Online Dating – Do Not Join This Dating Site

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We now have so many online dating sites to choose from we can actually be picky!

“Back in the day” there was very few. Hopefully you will learn a little from my many, many mistakes choosing dating sites.

Do not join this dating site…

The site where members have more than one profile. When I noticed this I asked the Single why he had two profiles. Come to find out, he didn’t! One he set up himself and the other was a photo from his onsite photo album that the site set up.

That is very misleading to make their membership base appear to be larger than it is.

Do not join this dating site…

This site asks for your credit card before you can set up your free trial profile. I understand this is becoming a common practice. Of course I have asked several sites why they do this. As of this moment? I still do not have any answer! So since they won’t give me an answer to share with you, they force me to give my opinion!

The only reason someone asks for access to a credit card in advance, is if they are planning on figuring out a way to put a charge on it!

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What has happened to many Singles that have given their credit card information prior to setting up their free trial? Is that their credit card is charged for the price of an over inflated monthly membership. The reason? The free trial wasn’t cancelled in time. But in the beginning they didn’t bring your attention to the fine print that said cancellations must be made in writing and mailed to their main office.

Singles, one of my main pieces of advice? Keep your eyes open and your wallet closed until you have done your homework and have found a trust worthy site! There are a lot of them out there. Start looking….!

Source by Vivian Johnson

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