MLM Training – Do You Know What Is Stopping You?

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Can I can get you to agree with me that in order to succeed in network marketing, you need to be able to sell products, recruit others, and train them to sell products and recruit others so that they can continue the process through which everyone benefits ? If you agree, can I also get you to agree that it is all about making people's lives better? Moreover, if you are not achieving those goals, do you know what is stopping you?

Like many others, I have attended the motivational seminars and conferences. I am sure you know exactly what I mean. Halls filled with hundreds of people listening to the "ra-ra" motivational speeches, attending different speaking events and listening to audio tapes all giving you the same message, "I did it, so can you". So, you hear the message but it is not solving what's really stopping you.

Because you took the time to listen to all this stuff or your upline congratulated you to do so, you think you're getting training, but this is not training at all. The thing you need to solve is your ability to communicate effectively with your prospects.

You need to communicate a concept, a product, and a business to that person and when you're effective in doing that you have success.

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The basic financial law of business is making people's lives better, and you are the one who's going to make your prospect's life better if you get the right training at the right time.

My intent here is not to suggest for one moment that motivational speakers or events are not worthwhile. I have also attended some great events, listened to some excellent speakers, and read a number of quality books. However, what really gets to me is when there is a total lack of understanding of what the root cause issues are and that leads to so much focus being placed on things that do not actually solve the problem.

So, whenever the training is outside of mastering the ability to communicate effectively with your prospects and with others, it will be peripheral to your needs and will miss the mark completely. You will be left wondering why you are not successful and you will not be able to answer my original question "do you know what is stopping you" from getting the results that are achievable.

Get rid of all the noise and focus on being able to sell a product or get that person conceptually to understand that product and want it, and then get that person to conceptually understand what the network marketing business is. When you have realized that, your prospect will be able to relate exactly what you have communicated with their needs and wants and how you can help them change their lives for the better. Anything outside of that is no more than a distraction, no matter which way you look at it.

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