Iraqi MP Says Attack on Camp Taji Fabricated to Justify Airstrikes against PMU

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“The Iraqi authorities and Joint Operations Tell condemned the repeated US aggression,” Sarout acknowledged in an interview with Al-Ahd.

He added, “The one who focused the CampTaji is an unknown enemy, because no groups or parties claimed accountability for the attack,” asserting, “The camp is protected by Iraqi security forces.”

“Focusing on the safety forces and the civilian airport in Karbala and the Babylon police by the US is a certain violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and we condemn it,” he celebrated.

“It’s now not now not truly that there are some parties aiming to enlarge tension between the factions and the US and Iran slack these attacks,” he added, asserting, “In all probability, the attacks on the Camp Taji had been fabricated by the US, in repeat to clarify the airstrikes against extra than one locations of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Devices (PMU).”

Iraq’s Joint Operations Tell announced on Saturday that 33 Katyusha rockets had been launched on Taji sinister north of Baghdad which homes US-led coalition troops and acknowledged the attack severely injured several Iraqi air defense servicemen.

A barrage of rockets hit an Iraqi military sinister housing US-led coalition troops for the 2nd time this week.

Three coalition carrier personnel – a British woman and two Americans – had been killed in the first attack on Camp Taji on Wednesday. The US-led military coalition in Iraq acknowledged in an announcement that 18 107mm Katyusha rockets struck the sinister and advised they may perchance well perchance merely had been fired from a truck.


In retaliation, the US launched a group of airstrikes on militia bases across Iraq’s south, killing 5 Iraqi security forces and a civilian.
Iraqi MP Says Attack on Camp Taji Fabricated to Justify Airstrikes against PMU
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