Dating in Today’s World

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Dating in today’s world is so much more complicated than it was decades ago. Years ago you could safely date the guy down the street, a girl at school, or simply someone you met at a party. You hardly know your next door neighbor now a days.

Being single today can be an issue for some; many may think there is no one out there for them. However, the number of singles is huge. You will be surprised to discover that, there are well over 80 million single adults in the United States and around the globe.

Can you start to feel what I am talking about? You are not alone, that is an enormous amount of single people to convince you that there are many possible partners to help solve your dating problems. Since singles are increasing in numbers all over, they are also waiting to get married at an older age.

Why has the dating scene change? Good question! With the invention of the computer and Internet meeting people online has become one of the most convenient way to meet people. There are other influences such as the television reality shows, which I believe these programs expose unacceptable dating behaviors and dating horrors.


I believe a helpful dating tip to keep in mind would be; Try to take away the stress of “worrying about getting a date”, or “dating”, or being single. Embracing who you are will eventually lead to finding a healthy relationship.

Although dating in today’s world has changed, it is always a good thing to remember dating is not about playing games with anyone’s heart. Dating is about being your authentic-self. It is quite okay if you are shy, that someone will love you for who you are, not that counterfeit persona you are trying to be.

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