Dating Asian Women – Tips on Finding the Asian Woman of Your Dreams

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Look, if your preference lies in dating Asian women, then I've got some tips that will help you. I've been dating Asian women for a long time, in America and whenever I travel overseas, and I've created a detailed set of principles and tactics that you can use if you are trying to master the art of dating Asian women.

There are also important changes you bought to make to your "game" if you are dating Asian women.

Being a bit cocky and playful means you should not answer her questions directly (instead of giving a straight response, deflect it with a joke); never asking the woman the conventional questions ("what is your name," "so what do you do for a living," etc), and instead using unpredictable conversational maneuvers. Not in a harsh, rude way, but in a nonchalant, playful manner that communicate something essential to her: that you're not a typical male who is eager to make the right impression and win her over.

Asian women are not quite the same as other girls, and a lot of this has to do with their culture and the way they were raised. Growing up, they watched a ton of local "romantic serials" on television. (In America, we call them "soap operas.") In these shows, the good-looking hero is constantly treating his woman like gold, being super "sweet" and "caring" and tending to her needs.

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The usual storyline has to do with a lovestruck guy aiming to win the girl's heart, but she keeps turning him down – but he keeps trying until he does something dramatic to "touch her heart." Finally, she relents and allows him to her heart, and they fall madly in love.

Because they are raised on a steady diet of these mushy, romantic programs, they believe that in real life they should expect a similar manner of courtship.

By all means, you will come across less conventional Asian hot chicks who go for "bad boys." But you must remember the usual Asian woman from a respectable family would rather crawl under a rock than shame their families, so they're not going to walk around in public with a Western guy who dresses shabbily and has lots of tattoos – although this "rebel" look might be accepted and even attractive among certain women in Western culture.

What this also means is that if your goal is to be dating Asian women, you must not like like some want to-be "player," using "lines" on her and flirting with her in an aggressive manner. Learning to be subtle – and using the right strategy – is critical.

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