Dating and Calling Men – Helpful Advice For Women

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Dating and calling men are two subjects that women struggle with often. It's unfortunate that most women are faced with being in a relationship with a man who just does not seem to see the value in picking up the phone and calling her. We end up being the ones who have to call after waiting impatently for hours when he says he'll call. If you are in this situation you know that it's frustrating. It can also be a bit annoying and can make you question his devotion to you and the relationship. It does not have to be this hard. There are simple things you can do, starting right now, that will silently encourage your man to call you as often as you like.

The majority of men seem oblivious to the whole issue of phone calls as they relate to a relationship. You can complain incessantly about your man not calling, and it will not make a bit of difference. He'll tell you that he does not see the big deal in it and it will not change his calling habits at all. In order to fully understand the issue of dating and calling men you first must recognize that men do play the game of give and take when it comes to phone calls and all of his involvement in that area is really just a test. He wants to see how you'll react when he does not call. A man can jump to some pretty unflattering concluding about a woman based solely on how she reacts when he does not call.

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He's expecting her to overreact and nag him about his not calling. If you do this with a man he'll assume that you're his, without question. Once he makes that assumption he does not have to work nearly as hard to impress you. If you do not react at all when he does not call and if you do not start dialing him continually trying to find him so you can ask why he has not called, he'll be baffled. He'll wonder why he is not at the top of your importance list and he'll start working harder to get and keep your attention, including calling you more and more.

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