Critical Thinking: Why Is Russia And ‘Fake News’ Blamed For Everything?


If someone keeps up to date with what is taking place in their own country and around the world, they are likely to have heard a lot about Trump and Brexit. But instead of the mainstream media being able to accept the fact that Trump won and Brexit took place and moving on, they have continued to focus on why it happened.

Point of Focus

Now, this is not to say that they have spent a lot of time looking into why people voted for Trump or wanted to leave the European Union. No, what they have generally done is placed their attention on others things.

What these sources have come to believe is that the reason why these two things occurred is due to ‘fake news’ and Russia. Therefore, if the ‘fake news’ wasn’t available and the Russians hadn’t got involved, Trump wouldn’t have won and the UK wouldn’t have voted leave.

Black and White

These are then the only reasons and there is no need for them to spend time looking into if there is more to it. With this in mind, it is going to be perfectly normal for them to spend a lot of time focusing on these two things.

Additionally, this will make it easier for their fellow human beings to realise when they are not being exposed to real news. The mainstream media is then there to talk about what is really going on in the world and to give people the information that they need to avoid being deceived.

The Solution

One may have heard that social media is full of ‘fake news’, with it being best for them to looked towards ‘trusted’ news sources. Subscribing to one or a number of news outlets will then solve this problem.

They will end up being exposed to the truth and nothing but the whole truth, which wouldn’t be the case if they only used social media or looked towards the so-called alternative media. Another option, if they don’t do this already, would be for them to go back to reading a paper or watching the news on TV.

An Alternative Reality

It is hard to say what the world would be like if Hilary Clinton had won and UK had voted to stay in the union. But what is clear, according to the mainstream media, is that this is what would have happened if it wasn’t for outside interference.

Both of these outcomes are then very similar to how someone can end up winning a race due to the person in front being tripped up by another person who is sat on the sidelines. They will end up with the trophy, yet they will only be there because they had external support.

Completely Illegitimate

Taking this into account, Trump shouldn’t be in the white house and UK should still be in the European Union. Putting up with what is going on and not doing anything to change it is going to be the wrong thing to do.

Going along with these two outcomes is only going to be acceptable if someone is morally bankrupt and is happy watch their country crumble. It will be vital for the people at the top to carry on cracking down on ‘fake news’ and to punish the Russians.

Drawing the Line

If this doesn’t take place, outside influences will continue to undermine their democracy. Fortunately, one will have the mainstream media at their fingertips to tell them what is true and what isn’t.

Without his source of information, one would end up being indoctrinated by ‘fake news’ and the Russians would be in control of their mind. With ‘fake news’ out of the way and the Russians back in their place, justice will return.

A Deeper Look

There are going to be plenty of people who will go along with all this, and this is likely to show that they believe that the mainstream media has their best interests at heart. This will mean that they won’t need to think for themselves and to question what this source of information sells them.

For others, the mainstream media is not going to be seen as a trustworthy news source, and this will stop them from going along with the narrative that they are selling. In their eyes, this source could be seen as the original ‘fake news’.

Totally Indifferent

But with that aside, someone could say that the reason why the mainstream media has focused almost exclusively on ‘fake news’ and Russia is to overlook peoples concerns. Thus, instead of looking into why so many people voted for Trump or voted leave, this source can place their attention elsewhere.

This is then no different to how someone’s partner can leave them and they can end up blaming other people, as this will stop them from having to look closer to home. Through doing this, there will be no reason for them to take a look at themselves and to change their behaviour.

A Lack of Empathy

What this will then show is that the mainstream media is not there to serve the people, to give them a voice; they are simply there to fulfil their own agenda. If they actually cared about their fellow human beings and the problems that they are facing, they would take the time to find out why so many people voted for Trump and wanted to leave the union.

And, this would take place without his source accusing these people of being “racist” or “xenophobic”. Ultimately, they would need to put themselves in these people’s shoes and to actually hear them, as opposed to labelling them and putting them into a box.


It is through listening to peoples concerns that something that be done, and these concerns won’t disappear by ignoring what they have to say or invalidating their experience. Perhaps, if the people at the top had taken the time to do this, Trump wouldn’t have won and the UK wouldn’t have voted leave.

Focusing on ‘fake news’ and Russia is not going to solve this problem; in fact, it will just take it worse. The mainstream media needs to look closer to home; this where the real answers answers will be found.


Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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