Christian Dating Physical Limits


In today’s more permissive society, where couples live together without benefit of the sacrament of marriage, it might seem somewhat archaic to consider Christian dating physical limits.

So what are the rules when it comes to physical intimacy in Christian dating? Should there be limits?

The answer is yes, there should be Christian dating physical limits, simply because it is in accordance with God’s laws for us. We are to respect the limits set forth in the Bible that discourage physical intimacy prior to marriage.

Having said this, physical limits do not mean that a couple is forbidden to have physical desires for one another, merely that those desires are not to be acted upon unless the couple has entered into the covenant of marriage.

This means that when such feelings are experienced, the couple must lean upon God for the self control and restraint that must be shown prior to marriage. Once the marriage covenant has been enacted, the couple will be free to consummate their vows.

There are many who disagree with this point of view, and to those I say this: If a couple truly loves one another, waiting until marriage is worthwhile. If Christian dating physical limits are observed, the gift of purity that the couple brings into the marriage covenant is not only a gift to each other, but it is also a love offering to God and that much more meaningful.

A wise person once said to me that anything worth having is worth waiting for – and that includes physical intimacy. So yes, there should be proper Christian dating behavior. Remember that you are building a relationship, not only with each other, but with God – and you are also proving to one another that you place a high value upon trust and that the future is more important to you than the instant gratification that the present may bring.

To answer the question: should there be Christian dating physical limits, and if so, what should they be? Simply this: refrain from having physical intimacy with one another until after marriage. Do not let yourselves be carried away with intense physical feelings. Those will fade, given time. What endures is the love that a couple nourishes for each other, and for God. And regardless of what society preaches, physical intimacy is worth waiting for – don’t be seduced by the philosophy of ‘if it feels good, do it!’ because that will destroy your relationship.


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