Are You Stuck In A Rut About Dating?

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Does your life feel stale? Do you find yourself getting tired or bored of doing what you have always done? Do you feel like you are stuck in a dating rut?

If you are single, you can get done in a number of ruts. Not making plans to go out with friends, not getting involved in new activities, or not looking for different people to meet can keep you frozen in place. After a while, you may begin to think you are condemned to a life of solitude. That's because you're stuck.

Here are some areas you might pay attention to:

1. Do not fall into the trap of believing you have no other choices in life.

Do not keep doing what you are doing, and make the rut a little deeper each day.

2. Do have hobbies and fun activities.

Laugh, enjoy what you are doing, or find something that might give you the energy to start your day with enthusiasm.

3. Do learn to make yourself happy.

Do not do the following: complain a lot, wear a furrowed brow, rush to everything you have to do, spend very little time with old friends, and be afraid to reach out to new people. Do not stay isolated or you will feel more alone and you will wind up staying at the office, working longer hours.

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4. Do get help if you are miserable.

As an intelligent, accomplished person, you probably think that you should know how to figure out your own problems, right?

Stop and realize that if you were ill, you would have to make time to take every measure to get well.

Why not take the time BEFORE you might feel sick and heal your withered spirit? Make a pact with someone that you will meet them for a dance class, gym workout, bicycling break, rock climbing experience, volley ball, basketball, Frisbee in the park, or a game of horseshoes. Do just one fun activity outside of your normal routine and notice the difference in your energy.

5. What one action could you take today that would make you feel better about your life?

You might start with renew old friendships, making some new ones, and going out with them socially every week. By reaching out, you might find that lots of people want to be with you and invite you places.

You might even think about taking some dance classes. You could begin to dance your way out of a rut. Just get moving.

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