Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure

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My preliminary inquire of to a principal, unimpeachable Paris supply, jurist Valerie Bugault, used to be regarding the liaisons dangereuses between Macronism and Colossal Pharma and particularly regarding the mysterious “disappearance” – extra likely outright theft – of the total stocks of chloroquine in possession of the French authorities.

Respected Professor Christian Perronne talked regarding the theft are residing in one of France’s 24/7 info channels: “The central pharmacy for the hospitals announced this day that they had been facing a total crash of stocks, that they had been pillaged.”

With input from one more, anonymous supply, it’s now conceivable to place a timeline that locations in indispensable-wished perspective the unusual actions of the French authorities.

Let’s birth with Yves Levy, who used to be the pinnacle of INSERM – the French National Institute of Smartly being and Scientific Study – from 2014 to 2018, when he used to be appointed as extra special dispute councilor for the Macron administration. Completely 12 folks in France agree with reached this place of residing. 

Levy is married to Agnes Buzy, who until just lately used to be minister of health under Macron. Buzy used to be truly presented with an “give you need to well presumably’t refuse” by Macron’s celebration to leave the ministry – in the direction of the coronavirus crisis – and bustle for Mayor of Paris, where she used to be mercilessly trounced in the first spherical on March 16.    

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Levy has a vicious running feud with Professor Didier Raoult – prolific and regularly-cited Marseille-basically basically based mostly specialist in communicable ailments. Levy withheld the INSERM impress from the arena-famend IHU (Health heart-College Institute) analysis heart directed by Raoult.

In prepare, in October 2019, Levy revoked the place of residing of “foundation” of the assorted IHUs so he could purchase over their analysis.

Raoult used to be phase of a scientific trial that wherein hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin healed 90% of Covid-19 circumstances in the event that they had been examined very early. (Early, massive testing is at the coronary heart of the a success South Korean intention.)

Raoult is against the total lockdown of sane folks and conceivable carriers – which he considers “medieval,” in an anachronistic sense. He’s in prefer of massive testing (which, besides South Korea, used to be a success in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam) and a like a flash remedy with hydroxychloroquine. Completely unhealthy folks needs to be confined.   

Chloroquine charges one euro for ten pills. And there’s the rub: Colossal Pharma – which, crucially, funds INSERM, and involves “national champion” Sanofi – would pretty wander for the blueprint extra pleasant resolution. Sanofi for the moment says it is “actively making ready” to manufacture chloroquine, but that can even purchase “weeks,” and there’s no point out about pricing.

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 A minister fleeing a tsunami

Here’s the timeline:

On January 13, Agnes Buzyn, amassed France’s Smartly being Minister, classifies chloroquine as a “toxic substance,” from now on handiest readily available by prescription. An fine switch, wrathful about that it has been purchased off the shelf in France for half of a century.

On March 16, the Macron authorities orders a partial lockdown. There’s no longer a seek about chloroquine. Police in the muse are no longer required to wear masks; most agree with been stolen anyway, and there are no longer sufficient masks even for scientific examiners. In 2011 France had nearly 1.5 billion masks: 800 million surgical masks and 600 million masks for health mavens assuredly.

Nevertheless then, over the years, the strategic stocks weren’t renewed, to delight the EU and to prepare the Maastricht standards, which cramped membership in the Notify and Balance Pact to nations whose funds deficits did no longer exceed 3% of GDP. A form of accountable at the time used to be Jerome Salomon, now a scientific counselor to the Macron authorities.    

On March 17, Agnes Buzyn says she has learned the spread of Covid-19 will be a principal tsunami, for which the French health gadget has no resolution. She furthermore says it had been her knowing that the Paris mayoral election “wouldn’t purchase dispute” and that it used to be, in a roundabout blueprint, “a masquerade.”


What she does no longer order is that she didn’t wander public at the time she used to be running for the explanation that total political point of curiosity by the Macron political machine used to be on winning the “masquerade.” The first spherical of the election supposed nothing, as Covid-19 used to be advancing. The 2d spherical used to be postponed indefinitely. She needed to know regarding the upcoming healthcare anguish. Nevertheless as a candidate of the Macron machine she did no longer wander public in timely vogue. 

In rapid succession:

The Macron authorities refuses to prepare mass testing, as practiced with success in South Korea and Germany.  

Le Monde and the French dispute health company symbolize Raoult’s analysis as deceptive news, ahead of issuing a retraction.

Professor Perrone finds on the 24/7 LCI news channel that the stock of chloroquine at the French central pharmacy has been stolen.

As a result of a tweet by Elon Musk, President Trump says chloroquine needs to be readily available to all Americans. Victims of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, who already agree with present complications with the supreme drug that offers them relief, set social media afire with their peril.

US doctors and varied scientific mavens purchase to hoarding the remedy for the utilization of themselves and folks shut to them, faking prescriptions to point they’re for patients with lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

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Morocco buys the stock of chloroquine from Sanofi in Casablanca.

Pakistan decides to magnify its production of chloroquine to be despatched to China.

Switzerland discards the total lockdown of its population; goes for mass testing and like a flash remedy; and accuses France of practising  “spectacle politics.” 

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, having had himself treated with chloroquine, with none authorities input, straight calls Sanofi so that they’d lift chloroquine to Nice hospitals. 

As a result of Raoult’s analysis, a huge-scale chloroquine take a look at lastly starts in France, under the – predictable – direction of INSERM, which needs to “remake the experiments in varied objective scientific providers and products.” This will likely purchase as a minimum an additional six weeks – as the Elysee Palace’s scientific council now mulls the extension of France’s total lockdown to … six weeks.

If joint spend of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin proves indubitably efficient among basically the most gravely sick, quarantines could well be lowered in eradicate out clusters.

The supreme French company that amassed manufactures chloroquine is under judicial intervention. That locations the chloroquine hoarding and theft into fleshy perspective. This will likely purchase time for these stocks to be replenished, thus allowing Colossal Pharma the leeway to agree with what it needs: an expensive resolution.  

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It appears the perpetrators of the chloroquine theft had been very neatly instructed.

Bagged nurses

This chain of events, fine for a extremely developed G-7 nation ok with its health carrier, is phase of an extended, painful project embedded in neoliberal dogma. EU-pushed austerity blended with the profit motive resulted in a extraordinarily lax perspective in direction of the health gadget.

As Bugault told me, “take a look at kits – very few in quantity – had been continually readily available but mostly for a cramped community connected to the French authorities [ former officials of the Ministry of Finance, CEOs of large corporations, oligarchs, media and entertainment moguls].  Same for chloroquine, which this authorities did all the pieces to produce inaccessible for the population.

They didn’t produce existence easy for Professor Raoult – he purchased loss of life threats and used to be intimidated by ‘journalists.’

And so that they didn’t provide protection to necessary stocks. Peaceful under the Hollande authorities, there used to be a acutely conscious liquidation of the stock of masks – which had existed in gigantic quantities in all hospitals. No longer to present that the suppression of health center beds and health center means accelerated under Sarkozy.”

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This ties in with anguished reports by French voters of nurses now having to make spend of trash baggage this means that of the inability of like minded scientific tools.

At the identical time, in one more fine constructing, the French dispute refuses to requisition deepest hospitals and clinics – which can per chance be nearly empty at this stage – at the same time as the president of their bear affiliation, Lamine Garbi, has pleaded for this form of public carrier initiative: “I solemnly place a matter to that we’re requisitioned to lend a hand public hospitals. Our providers and products are ready. The wave that bowled over the east of France must educate us a lesson.”

Bugault reconfirms the health topic in France “is terribly serious and can change into even worse this means that of these political selections – absence of masks, political refusal to massively take a look at folks, refusal of free access to chloroquine – in a context of supreme anguish at the hospitals. This will likely supreme and destitution could well be the norm.” 

Professor vs president

In an explosive constructing on Tuesday, Raoult said he’s no longer participating in Macron’s scientific council anymore, even supposing he’s no longer quitting it altogether. Raoult once again insists on massive testing on a national scale to detect suspected circumstances, and then isolate and tackle patients who examined obvious. In a nutshell: the South Korean model.  

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That’s exactly what’s anticipated from the IHU in Marseille, where a total bunch of residents proceed to queue up for testing. And that ties in with the conclusions by a top Chinese expert on Covid-19, Zhang Nanshan, who says that remedy with chloroquine phospate had a “obvious impact,” with patients testing harmful after around four days. 

The key point has been stressed by Raoult: Exhaust chloroquine in very particular circumstances, for americans examined very early, when the illness is no longer excellent yet, and handiest in these circumstances. He’s no longer advocating chloroquine for everyone. It’s exactly what the Chinese did, alongside with their spend of Interferon. 

For years, Raoult has been pleading for a drastic revision of health economic devices, so the therapies, remedy and therapies created mostly for the length of the 20th century, are regarded as a patrimony in the carrier of all humanity.“That’s no longer the case”, he says, “because we abandon remedy that is no longer pleasant, even though it’s efficient. That’s why nearly no antibiotics are manufactured in the West.”

On Tuesday, the French Smartly being Ministry formally prohibited the utilization of remedy per chloroquine suggested by Raoult.  In fact the remedy is handiest allowed for terminal Covid-19 patients, with no varied possibility of healing. This would’t but protest the Macron authorities to extra accusations of as a minimum inefficiency – added to the absence of masks, assessments, contact tracing and ventilators.

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On Wednesday, commenting on the unusual authorities pointers, Raoult said, “When anguish to the lungs is too necessary, and patients near for reanimation, they nearly enact no longer harbor viruses in their bodies any extra. It’s too late to tackle them with chloroquine. Are these the supreme circumstances – the very serious circumstances – that could be treated with chloroquine under the unusual directive by [French Health Minister] Veran?” If that is the case, he added satirically, “then they’ll be in a position to dispute with scientific sure guess that chloroquine does no longer work.”

Raoult used to be unavailable for touch upon Western news media articles citing Chinese take a look at outcomes that would imply he is wrong regarding the efficacy of chloroquine in facing tender circumstances of Covid-19.

Staffers pointed in its place to his feedback in the IHU bulletin. There Raoult says it’s “insulting” to query if we can belief the Chinese on the utilization of chloroquine. “If this used to be an American illness, and the president of the USA said, ‘We must tackle patients with that,’ no one would discuss it.”

In China, he provides, there had been “sufficient ingredients so the Chinese authorities and all Chinese consultants who know coronaviruses took an helpful dispute that ‘we must tackle with chloroquine.’ Between the moment when now we agree with the first outcomes and an permitted global newsletter, there is no longer always a credible different among folks which can per chance be basically the most a licensed on this planet. They took this measure in the curiosity of public health.”

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Crucially: if he had coronavirus, Raoult says he would purchase chloroquine. Since Raoult is rated by his peers as the amount one world expert  in communicable ailments, blueprint above Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US, I’d order the unusual reports signify Colossal Pharma talking.

Raoult has been mercilessly savaged and demonized by French corporate media which can per chance be controlled by about a oligarchs intently linked to Macronism. No longer by accident the demonization has reached gilets jaunes (yellow vest) phases, particularly this means that of the extraordinarily standard hashtag  #IlsSavaient (“They knew”), with which the yellow vests stress that French elites agree with “managed” the Covid-19 crisis by preserving themselves while leaving the population defenseless against the virus.

That ties in with the controversial diagnosis by crack philosopher Giorgio Agamben in a column revealed a month ago, where he used to be already arguing that Covid-19 clearly exhibits that the dispute of exception – connected to a dispute of emergency but with differences essential to philosophers – has change into entirely normalized in the West.

Agamben used to be speaking no longer as a health care provider or a virologist but as a master thinker, following in the steps of Foucault, Walter Benjamin and Hannah Arendt. Noting how a latent dispute of alarm has metastasized into a dispute of collective peril, for which Covid-19 “offers once again the bid pretext,” he described how, “in a perverse vicious circle, the limitation of freedom imposed by governments is permitted in the title of a desire for safety that used to be introduced about by the identical governments that now intervene to meet it.”

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There used to be no dispute of collective peril in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam – to present four Asian examples birth air of China. A dogged mixture of mass testing and name tracing used to be utilized with gargantuan professionalism. It worked. Within the Chinese case, with the lend a hand of chloroquine. And in all Asian circumstances, with no sad profit motive to the supreme thing about Colossal Pharma.

There hasn’t yet appeared the smoking gun that proves the Macron gadget no longer handiest is incompetent to tackle Covid-19 but furthermore is dragging the technique so Colossal Pharma can near up with a miracle vaccine, like a flash. Nevertheless the pattern to discourage chloroquine is extra than laid out above – in parallel to the demonization of Raoult. 
Why France is hiding a cheap and tested virus cure
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