US Imperialism Exploits Coronavirus as a Weapon of War

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The cohesion of humanity all the procedure by the planet is now now not merely a honorable supreme, nonetheless a existence-and-death necessity in combatting a lethal virus that threatens to contaminate a full bunch of hundreds of thousands of other folks as its spreads to every nook of the globe. This supreme, nonetheless, stands in stark opposition to the actuality of an global capitalist society riven by unprecedented ranges of social inequality and characterised by the pursuit of geo-strategic interests by the process of murderous violence.

Alongside the “invisible enemy in opposition to humanity”, the coronavirus, there stands one other reasonably seen one, world imperialism.

Nowhere is that this more apparent than in the more and more determined prerequisites confronting Iran and its population of in terms of 83 million. The nation has the third very top change of fatalities after Italy and China, and nowhere is the mortality price elevated, because the change of infections continues to rise sharply each day.

Iran’s Neatly being Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur launched Thursday that 149 other folks had died over the old 24 hours, bringing the death toll from the virus to 1,284. For the length of the identical length, one other 1,046 circumstances of an infection agree with been reported, raising the overall amount to 18,407. Both numbers are believed to be severe underestimations of the ravages of the illness.

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“In step with our files, every 10 minutes one person dies from the coronavirus and a few 50 other folks change into contaminated with the virus every hour in Iran,” the spokesman said.

In desire to human cohesion, Washington’s response to this crisis has been a deliberate strive to intensify it on the value of limitless lives of Iranian working other folks. The pandemic, quite than being seen as an enemy to be eradicated in every nation, is seen by the White Dwelling, the Pentagon and the CIA as a brand new weapon of war that ought to be built-in into imperialist planning.

Right here’s the inescapable conclusion from the Trump administration’s imposition Thursday of but one other spherical of punishing financial sanctions in opposition to Iran, focusing on corporations based in the United Arab Emirates which would be accused of procuring petroleum from the National Iranian Oil Firm (NIOC). This follows by only two days, one other location of sanctions launched by Washington’s bully-boy Secretary of Train Mike Pompeo in opposition to nine separate entities in China, Hong Kong and South Africa. The blacklisted corporations agree with been charged with engrossing in “significant transactions” lively Iranian petrochemicals.

Casting the pandemic in nakedly aggressive and xenophobic phrases, Pompeo told a Train Department press convention, “The Wuhan virus is a killer and the Iranian regime is an accomplice.”


In the identical breath, he claimed that Washington became spirited to develop “humanitarian efforts” to “help the Iranian other folks halt healthy.”

The stage of lies and hypocrisy is breathtaking, even by the Trump administration’s standards. US sanctions, which agree with blacklisted the nation’s central bank, develop it now now not doable for Tehran to determine on fashionable medicines and medical affords supposedly allowed below the “maximum stress” regime. This has condemned tens of thousands to early and preventable deaths well sooner than the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, per one estimate by an Iranian doctor, the nation’s death toll from COVID-19 can also attain as high as 3.5 million.

This human struggling is now now not collateral harm from Washington’s “maximum stress” sanctions regime, it is a long way its converse cause. Through brutal collective punishment, hunger and the spread of illness, US imperialism seeks to foment regime switch in Tehran with the aim of taking away a regional obstacle to its hegemony over the oil-rich Persian Gulf whereas, in flip, making ready for war with China. The coronavirus pandemic is seen as but every other weapon in the US arsenal.

As the January 3 drone missile assassination of Gen. Qassem Suleimani at Baghdad’s global airport made certain, US imperialism is spirited to develop a abruptly war of aggression to electrify its goals. With the identical inform authorizing the unlawful homicide of Suleimani, Trump approved the Pentagon to develop bombing raids in opposition to Iranian ships, air defense methods and various targets, paving the manner to a catastrophic militia inequity.

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The stage of desperation of Iran’s bourgeois-clerical authorities as it confronts the spread of the coronavirus is expressed in its allure to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with which Tehran has now now not had kinfolk for more than four a few years, for a $5 billion emergency mortgage to pay for urgently wished medical affords.

With Washington holding the deciding vote contained in the IMF, the mortgage inquire of of is frequently rejected. A same inquire of of from Venezuela, one other oil-rich nation that has faced a tightening noose of “maximum stress” sanctions as it confronts the spread of the coronavirus, became grew to change into down. The IMF board cynically claimed it will also now now not initiating the money because it didn’t agree with “clarity on recognition” of the authorities of President Nicolas Maduro. As if the US puppet Juan Guaidó and the minute band of CIA-backed, true-waft conspirators who surround him can also put together efforts to include and mitigate the illness! In the intervening time, Washington’s true-waft allies in Latin The USA agree with rejected any collaboration with Venezuela in combating the spread of the coronavirus, but again with the hope of the employ of limitless thousands of deaths to tumble the present authorities and impose a US puppet regime.


The effects of these criminal insurance policies may now now not be confined to the targeted countries. The coronavirus has already spread from Iran into mighty of the Center East and South Asia. The Pentagon has even been compelled to lock down occupation troops in Afghanistan for apprehension that their return house can also spread the virus.

In its March 17, 2020 observation “How to fight the COVID-19 pandemic: A program of action for the working class”, the National Committee of the Socialist Equality Occasion (US) raised the demand to “Spoil all sanctions and alternate war measures.” It said: “The response of Iran, Venezuela and various countries is being crippled by financial sanctions that prevent them from procuring fashionable medical instruments. Alternate war measures implemented by the US and European countries ought to be halted. The coronavirus is a global illness that requires a globally coordinated response.”

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has uncovered but but again in essentially the most certain-in the prick value of manner that essentially the most trendy interests of the working class and the very survival of humanity are incompatible with imperialism. The cohesion required to defeat this illness and fasten the lives of hundreds of thousands all the procedure by the planet will even be solid only by the unification of the working class all the procedure by nationwide boundaries in a identical old fight for socialist internationalism.
US Imperialism Exploits Coronavirus as a Weapon of War
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