Trump has Resorted to ‘Medical Terrorism’: US Scholar

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“The perpetuation of enterprise and medical terrorism as collective punishment in opposition to Iranians on this time of world pandemic is extra proof of the depravity and avarice of the Trump regime, which has elevated the illegality and wickedness of US foreign protection to new heights, and sunk the image of US govt and empire to low depths,” David Yaghoubian history professor at California Tell College, San Bernardino told the IRNA.

“In opposition and resistance to this imperial madness, my colleagues and I at the CSUSB Heart for Islamic and Heart Japanese Reports ship a message of cherish and team spirit to all Iranians, and warmth felicitations for Nowruz,” he added.

He sympathized with Iranians absorbing with stopping COVID19 and US sanctions simultaneously, asserting: “None of the challenges that I or my colleagues at CSUSB are going thru as a outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic can compare to the massive war for survival Iranian voters are being pressured to seize in attributable to the American govt’s cruel and illegal sanctions regime and so-known as “maximum stress” campaign in opposition to the Iranian nation.”

“My coronary heart goes out to my colleagues and their college students in Iran, who bravely face these related new challenges and stresses while simultaneously standing up to the sector’s preeminent rogue express and bully, the US of The USA,” Yaghoubian principal.


Earlier on Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in a cell phone dialog alongside with his Tunisian counterpart Kais Saied careworn the incontrovertible truth that US Administration has escalated cruel measures in opposition to Iranian nation, and acknowledged stopping sending drug, humanitarian assist and banking ties to fulfill the needs of Iranians is in defiance of the humanitarian and UN rules.

Iranian president urged other worldwide locations to condemn the US inhumane acts, asserting Tunisia as non-permanent member of the United Worldwide locations Security Council is guilty for taking strides to name on the worldwide community to stand in opposition to cruel and inhuman sanctions.

Head of Iran’s Health Ministry Public Family Tell of enterprise Kianoush Jahanpour acknowledged on Monday that 8,376 of us out of a total of 23,049 infected by the coronavirus have survived the deadly illness while 1,812 have sadly succumbed to dying.
Trump has Resorted to 'Medical Terrorism': US Scholar
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