Russiagate All Over Again: Secret EU Report Blames Russia for Coronavirus ‘Confusion, Panic and Fear’

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As Brussels in the kill got round to locking down the EU borders on Tuesday, London’s Monetary Times ran a ‘bombshell’ story blaming “Russian pro-Kremlin media” for a “valuable disinformation campaign” to stoke “confusion, alarm and dismay” in the West and “aggravate the coronavirus pandemic disaster.”

Right here’s in retaining with a 9-page stutter by the strategic communications division of the European Exterior Motion Provider, the EU’s de facto international ministry. The EEAS did now not formally comment on the FT story.

First things first: “strategic communications” is bureaucrat-focus on for public family participants, which ability that this stutter – assuming it is legit – became produced by the EEAS propaganda division. Secondly, it includes generalities, cliches and tropes already used out from four years of “Russiagate” hysteria in the US, down to those alleged efforts being “in retaining with the Kremlin’s broader scheme of attempting to subvert European societies from inner by exploiting their vulnerabilities and divisions.” 

It’s almost as if the PR flacks in Brussels plagiarized the work of James Comey, Jim Clapper and John Brennan from the irascible US “intelligence community review” blaming Russia for the 2016 election – down to segueing real into a diatribe against RT in decision to offering evidence.

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Whether the EEAS stutter does so or now now not, the FT story takes real such a counterfeit soar, going on about “Russian converse-linked pretend personas and accounts” sooner than all at once citing the entirely unrelated topic of RT Spanish, whose alternative of social media shares just now now not too prolonged up to now place apart it “sooner than some colossal western media shops.”

How dare they, as Greta Thunberg could relate. 

This isn’t the first strive and blame Russia for “disinformation” about the pandemic. The US Order Division bandied about one such conspiracy theory real last month. It appears to be like to be the bound-to tactic of Western propagandists to deflect criticism from their maintain governments, whether or now now not it’s Theresa Could well the use of the “extremely doubtless” Skripal affair to distract from Brexit woes or the US establishment attempting to leverage it against President Donald Trump thru “Russiagate.” It doesn’t appear to topic that each in the kill failed to enact their targets; propaganda always doubles down.

Their insistence on conflating RT with the Russian authorities deserves a separate prognosis, however suffice to claim that masses of Western hacks real can’t appear to love that a files organization will perforce duvet a main files topic – which the covid-19 pandemic most undoubtedly is, actually on the international level.

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These attempting to procure “confusion, alarm and dismay” can procure an abundance of them in the pronouncements of their maintain authorities officers and well being experts, to boot as mainstream Western files shops.

There certainly is a plague of pretend details about the coronavirus – place apart a question to basically the most up-to-date “marshall regulations” hoax in the US – however what the Eurospooks and FT both neglected or selected to ignore is that it has targeted Russia too.  

Entirely ignoring their erstwhile rhetoric about universal values and international alternate choices, governments and media across the West are the use of the pandemic to set up inner political ratings, while projecting blame on Moscow in dispute to deflect it from themselves. 

Worthy love the coronavirus, hypocrisy it sounds as if is aware of no bounds.
Russiagate All Over Again: Secret EU Report Blames Russia for Coronavirus ‘Confusion, Panic and Fear’
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