N Korea Praises Trump’s Letter To Kim But Warns On Plan To Propel Ties

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“In the letter, he (Trump)… outlined his notion to propel the relatives between the 2 countries of the DPRK and the US and expressed his intent to render cooperation in the anti-epidemic work,” an apparent reference to the coronavirus pandemic, Kim Yo Jong said in the assertion carried by the North’s Korean Central Files Agency (KCNA) on Sunday.

A senior administration official confirmed Trump despatched a letter to Kim Jong Un, “fixed alongside with his efforts to rob world leaders one day of the ongoing pandemic”.

“The President looks to be forward to persevered communications with Chairman Kim”, the official said.

While the letter reflects “graceful” ties between the 2 leaders, Kim Yo Jong warned that broader relatives between their two countries are rather a lot of.

“We are trying and hope for the day when the relatives between the 2 countries would be as compatible as these between the 2 high leaders, however it has to be left to time and be watched whether or not it is going to genuinely happen,” the sister said.

Kim Yo Jong praised Trump’s efforts to hang compatible relatives with her brother however added: “No person is aware of how critical the non-public relatives would alternate and lead the prospective relatives between the 2 countries, and it’s not one thing compatible to safe hasty conclusion or be optimistic about it.”

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If the US persevered to pursue its “unilateral and grasping plan”, she said, relatives between the 2 countries would continue to deteriorate.
N Korea Praises Trump's Letter To Kim But Warns On Plan To Propel Ties
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