It is Not China, but the Western World that should be Defined as the “Real Sick Man”

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With out warning, varied Chinese language officials expressed publicly what many in both China and Russia had been, for weeks, articulating in sotto voce: that it used to be likely the U.S. defense force establishment, which introduced the fresh form of coronavirus (COVID-19) to Wuhan, in show to fracture China and produce the sector relief, thru complex backroads, below the West’s administration.

With out warning, the sector feels very miserable. The intention in which it’s governed is clearly perverse. Of us carry out no longer always know why, they appropriate undoubtedly feel insecure, prickly and afraid. Genuinely, they always hold, at some stage in the old few a protracted time, however that is by some ability changing into “too essential”.

Countries carry out no longer trust every diverse. Of us carry out no longer trust every diverse. Of us carry out no longer trust their governments. Capitalism is despised, however worldwide locations had been robbed of picks.

I work all thru the sector, and I imagine all this. What I discover, I carry out no longer admire.

More and further, I’m greatly surprised that what has been subject in movement by Washington and London, can also no longer waste neatly. That a tragedy is ready upright spherical the corner.

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For a whole lot of years I had been warning that imperialism is murdering tens of hundreds and hundreds of folks, every year. Predominantly Western imperialism, however also its offshoots in some areas where the elites learned from their veteran colonialist master how to brutalize conquered territories, similar to Jakarta, Contemporary Delhi, or Tel Aviv.

Genocides and unique-day slavery hold change into the vilest reflections of modernity. No longer the single ones, in any case, however the vilest.

I lately wrote for this magazine (NEO), that I hold undoubtedly no longer viewed the sector so fragmented.

Lope, Web, Social Media – all of them had been speculated to fortify the sector, and to direct folks closer to every diverse. They didn’t. I discover confusion and disinformation all spherical me. Of us fling however carry out no longer discover or imprint. They count on at computer monitors for hours daily, as they feeble to count on on the tv monitors, however they carry out no longer hold any clue how the sector functions.

Of us feeble to come relief to us, philosophers, for advice. We feeble to work collectively. No longer anymore. And behold at philosophy itself: it has been lowered to a dry, managed college self-discipline by the regime. Sooner than, to be a logician feeble to be equivalent with being a thinker. Now, pathetically, a logician is a person with a college stage in philosophy, which is issued by some college that is portion of the establishment.

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And anyway, now nearly every and each particular person, no longer decrease than in the West, believes that he or she is a logician; self-absorbed, posing and posting on social media, the employ of selfies, with grotesquely boosted egos.

Something has gone harmful. Practically the entirety has. Humanity is going thru passable possibility. Why? Because it doesn’t imprint itself. Its needs had been lowered to some low, pathetic, unhappy ambitions. Its lofty beliefs that had been fashioned over prolonged centuries had been belittled by the Western nihilist memoir.

And then, a brand fresh coronavirus hit.

Operate no longer underestimate the coronavirus! It is going to also hold the mortality payment of a protracted-established flu, however you could extra harmful than that. Its possibility is predominately psychological and philosophical, essential extra than scientific.

It arrived, without warning, and illustrated to the sector, that there is just not this sort of thing as a world harmony, no harmony, anymore.

Countries are appearing and reacting in extraordinarily brutal ways. It is upsetting. All of it feels admire a few of the nefarious, second-payment bother movies produced by Hollywood.

Governments are pointing fingers at every diverse, irrationally. Airways are mendacity, robbing customers, while claiming that they are holding them.


I lately “escaped” from Hong Kong, after Korean Air unceremoniously cancelled flights to China, doing nothing to re-route stranded passengers. I flew for five days to South The United States, dwelling, thru a whole lot of Asian airports, by the most extraordinary routes, north and south and north all all over again, then by ability of Amsterdam and Suriname, zig-zagging thru Brazilian cities, earlier than reaching Chile. Peculiarly, at one level alongside the formulation, I stopped up in Seoul, where I was earlier informed I was no longer speculated to be to open with, experiencing the proverbial South Korean racism on my skin, and going thru defective humiliation and interrogation after uttering, on the gate earlier than departing for Amsterdam, that North Koreans positively take care of folks with essential extra admire and dignity than Seoul.

I will write essential extra about this, in the cease to future, however that is just not any longer speculated to be the predominant subject of this essay.

What is terribly major is that the logic itself has collapsed. The conduct of many countries has change into irrational, if the reason is speculated to be synonymous with the advancement of humanity and growth of the lives of human beings. Now issues carry out sense only when viewed from the level of learn about of the must administration and usurp, plunder and humiliate.

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And the coronavirus?

Is the US looking out to steal support of the subject, to monopolize the drugs, and to set aside its financial system and currency, on the expense of billions worldwide?

On March 15, 2020, The Sun reported:

“Donald Trump aides ‘offered huge sums to a German firm in a give away to take hold of the coronavirus vaccine for American citizens only.’”

In the end later, on 16 March, 2020, the Mail Online, amplified the story:

“German officials are attempting to cease the Trump administration from luring German biopharmeceutical firm CureVac to the US to collect its experimental coronavirus vaccines completely for American citizens.

President Donald Trump has offered funds to trap the firm CureVac to the US. The German government has made counter-provides to carry out the firm protect, in step with a file in German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

An unidentified German government offer informed the paper Trump is looking out to secure the scientists’ work completely, and would carry out anything to collect a vaccine for the US – ‘however only for the US.’”

The conduct of the Empire can also simply carry out one sicker than the coronavirus would itself.

The USA occupies and antagonizes countries after which it punishes them after they are looking out to protect themselves. Israel does the equivalent. And so, carry out Indonesia, India, and NATO as a block. Turkey is changing into a maniac. Iran, Venezuela and others are screaming, brutalized for absolutely no cause by sanctions and embargoes. Russia is being repeatedly smeared, appropriate for helping injured worldwide locations, in the Heart East, Africa and Latin The United States.


I look all this and I shock: how essential additional can all this lunge? Is all this banditry and idiocy going to lunge on any longer, and without waste accredited as a normalcy?

However relief to the coronavirus. It is all connected to what I discussed above, isn’t it? Billions of folks are undoubtedly being stripped of their rights and can, pushed spherical, and absolutely managed, the entirety justified by a illness with the mortality payment of a protracted-established flu? And carry out folks behold that the victims are undoubtedly being handled admire criminals, one thing that may possibly perchance had been impossible appropriate a few a protracted time previously.

China, infected by the U.S. or no longer, is being repeatedly insulted, isolated and smeared. Western anti-Chinese language propaganda kicked in, nearly from the beginning of the epidemy. How grotesque; how gruesome!

Western propagandists are alert, ready, monitoring the sector. Admire piranhas, they attack with lightning go, at any time when blood is spilt, or a portion of flesh will get uncovered.

When effort strikes, they steal plump support of the weaknesses of their opponent. They lunge for the abolish. And there’s nothing human in their conduct. It is a calculating strike against the sufferer. It is the surgical swing of a scalpel, designed to abolish, in the most monstrous intention.


China reacted in totally the change intention: when Italy obtained infected, Chinese language medics offered their support. They flew to Italy with medication and instruments.

And China is just not any longer alone. Each and each time disasters strike, anyplace in the sector, Cuban doctors and rescue commandos steal off, as prolonged as they are allowed to fling and support.

Venezuela, too. It feeble to give cheap gas, even to needy folks that came about to be citizens of its arch-tormentor – the US.

And Russia, in despite make (as the greatest Soviet Republic, or as the Russian Federation), it has been helping dozens and dozens of decimated worldwide locations: by treating their in unhappy health, teaching their college students, building infrastructure, spreading culture thru books and song, all in native languages.

Russia doesn’t talk essential: it appropriate does, performs, helps. And so carry out China, Cuba and others.

I wish to behold the sector united. I wish to experience humanity embarking on a aesthetic project: bettering the planet, browsing, collectively, for an egalitarian system, and not using a peril, no incurable illnesses, no depravity.

However I’m no longer naïve. I discover what the West and its vulgar capitalism and imperialism are doing to the sector.

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And I’m convinced that only the conventional isms are able to evoking compassion and harmony in the oldsters. Propagandists in Washington and London show you the change; they’ll mislead you that Communism and socialism are dull, or no longer decrease than totally outdated. Operate no longer trust them; you realize that their needs don’t hold anything to carry out with bettering lifestyles on our planet. Whatever you hear from them, trust the change.

Valid now, our human go is admire a in unhappy health, very in unhappy health person. No longer on story of of the coronavirus, however on story of of the response to the coronavirus.

China is just not any longer at your complete right in unhappy health man of Asia. Regardless of how it came about, China obtained infected, however then it rose to its ft, fought with passable resolution and braveness, and commenced obliterating the illness. Chinese language doctors, Chinese language folks on the final, are undoubtedly celebrating. They’re satisfied. They’re winning, their first hospitals dedicated to the coronavirus patients are undoubtedly closing down in Wuhan. Their system is clearly victorious, created for the oldsters.

Practically concurrently, China has began to support diverse countries.

Genuinely, China and its folks are behaving admire human beings are speculated to behave. And, if that is believed as “in unhappy health”, then what’s “healthy”?
It is Not China, but the Western World that should be Defined as the “Real Sick Man”
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