Death at the Border: Syrian Refugees Should Not Be Used as Political Pawns

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Expectedly, over 100,000 of us rushed to the Ipsala border point in the Edirne province conserving aside Turkey from Greece, hoping to receive it by way of the as soon as-porous border.

Even though the sea route became as soon as no longer on the beginning opened for the refugees, many tried to dauntless the sea anyway, the exercise of minute fishing boats and dinghies. About a own reportedly reached the Greek Islands.

What transpired became as soon as among the tragic, coronary heart-rendering episodes of the Syrian battle and the subsequent refugee disaster saga.

This time around, Greece, with tacit political help from the comfort of the European Union, became as soon as fine now to now not allow any of the refugees into its territories.

The present realizing in Europe is that the Turkish authorities became as soon as purposely engineering a refugee disaster to press the EU into supporting Turkish militia operations in Idlib in northern Syria.

“They didn’t come here on their own,” the Greek Public Expose Minister, Michalis Chrysohoidis, told journalists on February 29, on the area of the flood of refugees at his country’s border. “They are being sent away and being frail by (our) neighbor, Turkey,” he added.

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Whereas the media focused largely on Erdogan’s willpower internal the context of the Idlib battle, minute mention became as soon as product of the reality that Syrian and other refugees in Turkey were the point of hobby of an internal disaster internal the country itself.

The Istanbul mayoral election (held on March 31 and, all over again, on June 23) underscored the anti-refugee sentiment among fashioned Turks, one who is compounded by the reality that Turkey itself has been subjected to a prolonged financial recession.

Unsurprisingly, the over 3.5 million Syrian refugees who had fled the battle in their country in the future of the last decade are being scapegoated by opportunistic politicians, the likes of Istanbul’s fresh Mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu

“Imamoglu became as soon as  … ready to tap into simmering discontent with the giant number of Syrian refugees in Istanbul in the context of his fashioned complaints about the high level of unemployment in the metropolis,” wrote Bulent Aliriza and Zeynep Ekeler on the Center for Strategic and Worldwide Experiences internet put.

The Turkish authorities is now entirely attentive to the apparent correlation in the minds of many Turkish voters between the oppressive financial disaster and the Syrian refugee population in Turkey.


In point of fact, a routine argument made by the Turkish authorities is that its militia campaign in northern Syria is finally motivated by its favor to achieve a stable zone that can allow for the resettlement of many Syrian refugees.

With its NATO alliance faltering, and with rising difficulties on the northern Syrian front, Turkey’s approach fleet fell aside. On the opposite hand, the scenes of naked, shivering refugees running help to the Turkish aspect, after being pushed away by Greek militia and police became as soon as no longer only indicative of Turkey’s rising political bag 22 situation, but of Europe’s betrayal of Syrian refugees and its bid incompetence in fashioning long-term solutions to a disaster that has been brewing for years.

On March 18, 2016, Turkey and EU countries signed the statement of cooperation, which resulted in a short-lived barter. Essentially based on the deal, Turkey agreed to stem the float of refugees into Europe in alternate for financial incentives to abet Ankara cope with the industrial burden, partly due to the the refugee disaster.

Excluding the reality that Turkey has claimed that the EU did now not fulfill its segment of the deal, the settlement did now not offer a long-term resolution, now to now not state a political vision that can finally cessation the suffering of hundreds and hundreds of Syrians.


What makes the Syrian refugee disaster internal the Turkish-EU context in particular advanced is the reality that the refugees are discovering themselves hostage to selfish, political calculations that witness them as a burden or a pawn.

This sorrowful reality has left Syrian refugees in Turkey with three alternate choices, all of that are unhealthy: returning to a battle zone in Syria, coping with unemployment and an an increasing number of adversarial political ambiance in Turkey or making a drag for the Greek border.

When Ahmed Abu Emad, a young Syrian refugee from Aleppo, opted for the third and closing option on March 2, he became as soon as shot in the throat by Greek border police. His fellow refugees rushed his gaunt body help to Turkey, the put he became as soon as laid to leisure.

Fascinated about their restricted alternate choices, nevertheless, neither death, harm nor torture will cessation the search of Syrian refugees, who are desperately attempting, as they’ve for years, to search out a stable put and badly obligatory respite.

In all likelihood only Palestinian refugees can show to the bag 22 situation of their Syrian brethren. It is one thing to be pushed out of your fatherland, but it undoubtedly is a entire various thing to be refused, dehumanized and subjugated in each put the put else.

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The Syrian refugee disaster is a political, no longer a humanitarian disaster – despite the palpable humanitarian instruct of it. Attributable to this reality, it would only be resolved consistent with a comprehensive political resolution that retains the hobby of hundreds and hundreds of Syrian refugees – with out a doubt, the Syrian of us as a entire – as a first-rate priority.

Several ‘solutions’ were devised in the past but they’ve all failed, merely because various governments in the Center East and Europe own tried to exercise the refugees for their own political, financial, and ‘safety’ pursuits.

The time has come for a more thoughtful and thoughtful political approach that is predicated on admire for global and humanitarian legal guidelines, one who adheres to the Geneva Conventions referring to the rights of battle refugees.

Syrian refugees enact no longer deserve such inhumane treatment. They own got a country, ultimate historical past and a deeply-rooted culture that has profoundly influenced ragged and sleek civilizations. They deserve admire, rights, and safety. Equally important, they would moreover restful no longer be frail as pawns in a luxurious and dirty political sport wherein they haven’t got any hobby or option.
Death at the Border: Syrian Refugees Should Not Be Used as Political Pawns
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