Ansarallah Forces Launched Missile Strike on Saudi Oil Facilities

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“The Saudi enemy bought painful strikes in step with its escalation on the ground and air within the combat to liberate Al-Jawf,” Yemen’s Navy spokesman, Brigadier Commonplace Yahya Saree, acknowledged at a press convention broadcast on Wednesday, Almasirah reported.

“The Air Power performed 54 operations, including 33 operations focused on several Saudi armed forces and economic web sites,” he continued.

“The operations of the air drive managed to inflict heavy losses on the enemy in phrases of equipment and lives as well to economic losses on memoir of focused on wanted installations related to the oil and gasoline industry,” he added.

He also stressed out that the armed forces will point to in a smartly timed manner the crucial points of the operations that focused the Saudi depth and the shatter that was as soon as triggered to their armed forces and economic installations, explaining that every the targets that were included within the operations of the armed forces armed forces recently were amongst the lists that he talked about earlier in outdated press conferences.

His commentary comes on the same time that the Ansarallah forces launched that their troops had reached the gates of Marib metropolis in northern Yemen.
Ansarallah Forces Launched Missile Strike on Saudi Oil Facilities
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