8 Nations’ Ambassadors Urge UN Chief to Help Lift Unilateral Sanctions

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A community of countries at the side of Iran, Russia, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Syria sent a joint letter to the United Countries Secretary-Fashioned António Guterres on Saturday, calling for a in the present day buy of unilateral sanctions which hinder efforts of countries fight against the coronavirus, In line with an announcement issued by Russian International Ministry on Saturday.

Given the unfold of the coronavirus pandemic, the recount of eliminating such boundaries within the system of meeting emergency medical affords is of particular importance, it added.

The statement acknowledged that the UN Security Council has excluded humanitarian devices from its sanctions mechanisms.

Such mechanisms were expected to work and no longer be overlooked for political issues of clear nations, it added, pronouncing that it is a long way the correct scheme to e book clear of depraved consequences of sanctions for folk.

The US has imposed a diversity of illegal sanctions on nations such as Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba so a long way.
8 Nations' Ambassadors Urge UN Chief to Help Lift Unilateral Sanctions
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