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Money is crucial inside the life of every man. This is a fact which we won’t underestimate. Prophet Muhammad (S. A. W) recommended {{that a}} man should marry for 4 causes “her wealth, beauty, family background and religion” He emphasised that marrying for non secular operate is among the finest.

The essential operate of going into marriage on this fashionable time is just for provides’ motive. Both Muslim brothers and sisters shouldn’t exempted from this.

I’ve heard a brother in the hunt for a mathna each divorced or single sister who’s wealthy like Khadijat bintu Khuwaylid, the partner of the Prophet Muhammad (S. A.W).

My argument is, in case you marry a brother purposely on account of he is rich and wealthy. If Allah later examine him and the wealth is gone, will you divorce him and return to your mom or father’s residence

This is a huge question which it is worthwhile to answer.

To a brother in the hunt for a wealthy sister, can’t you sit down and ask your self, will you be able to administration her?

Do you assume she is going to in all probability be submissive like Khadijat in addition to few of them?

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I moreover accept 100% that money performs a big place in marriage and life as a whole nevertheless it absolutely wouldn’t determine success in marriage.

We have seen the circumstances of rich men and women along with the celebrities who’re stinkingly rich nevertheless their marriages later hit the rock.

I’ll want to face with the advice of among the finest of mankind “Muhammad ibn Abdullah”(S.A.W) who says we must always at all times ponder religion larger than supplies points.

I remembered the case of a Muslim sister in considered one of many Nigerian school whom the Ameer launched a brother to. She suggested the Ameer that she ought to allow her to do Dua’ istikharat, a Prayer advisable by the Prophet for steering.

She later talked about she was .
After each week, she later requested the brother his course of look at and the brother talked about Arabic and Islamic analysis, she did one different “istikharat” and altered her ideas that she was no further , Ahaa! my dear sister!

Let me be frank with you. The course of look at wouldn’t determine how wealthy you will be.

If you study petroleum engineering or money administration,that will not determine that you will be rich or poor.

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Let’s take into consideration Allah and be sincere with regardless of we do.

Allah says inside the Holy Quran ” Encourage your slave to marry, in the event that they’re poor, Allah will enrich them from His bounty.

Majority of our single sisters late for marriage are prepared for Mr Rich or Mr Millionaire.

Some would possibly even run proper right into a Yahoo boy who’s stinkingly rich and in the hunt for a youthful pretty lady to renew his money ritual. Our fathers and mothers obtained married for the sake of Allah, love and understanding.

Chief Mosu’d kashimawo Olawale Abiola who contested for presidential election in 1993 which was later annuled acquired right here from a poor family sooner than he married Alhaja Simbiat Shoaga Abiola and Allah later blessed M.Okay.O and he grew to change into the richest man in Africa all through his time.

So my dear sisters, Edaolaropin oo- Human beings are unpredictable.

We keep in a society the place {{dollars}}, pound Sterling and naira are valued larger than the hereafter.

This is the reason why some unserious dad and mother are supporting their youngsters who’re into Yahoo.

My dear sister, marry an individual who will make you cheerful and who’s simply not lazy nevertheless have potentials to pursue his ambitions positively.


May Allah bless our households 🙏 aamin.

Jazakumullah khoiran Fi Dunya Wal Akhirah

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