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Courting is a fun and exciting way to meet someone who may turn out to be your future partner. You should remember that for a period of courtship to be a success both parties must enjoy each other’s company. They should also be compatible with each other. To ensure that your first period of courtship has the potential for success there are a few courting rules that both gentlemen and ladies should try and follow.

Even though there are certain separate rules for gentlemen and for women, there are however a few major courting rules that both sexes should remember. Trying these suggestions with a subtle, creative mood should help to make your period of courtship and future relationships more enjoyable.

So the first thing that you need to do is to make a favorable impression. In order to do this you’ll need to choose the location of your period of courtship with care. It should be a place where you can both talk about yourselves and your interests. You should feel comfortable and at ease in each other’s company. Another very important thing is to make your sweetheart feel very special and important. They must get the sense that you’re interested in them and only them. Both of these courting rules should help to make your courting life more interesting.

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Now while you may be interested in the physical attributes of your sweetheart, outright staring only at their body will give a different message than what you really mean. The staring will indicate that you’re interested only in having sex, and not building a stable relationship. Therefore one of the major courting rules is look at the person’s face and talk to them, not to their body. Other turn-off’s are showing off your wealth, arguing with the waiter and other people around you, and being rude and obnoxious. These only show that you are someone that your sweetheart is better off without.

Life likes to hand us some unexpected curves. Sometimes these curves come into existence just as we are about to go on a period of courtship. Therefore you should plan your time so that any eventuality that crops up can be dealt with, without disrupting your all important period of courtship. Arriving for your period of courtship late without any important excuse or letting the other person know that you will be a little delayed can mean that they will move on to some else.

A person’s personal hygiene and grooming plays a large role in the courting rules. Here if you’re not impeccably and tastefully dressed your sweetheart will feel that you’re not putting much effort forward for a relationship. Also poor hygiene will just be a complete turn off, your period of courtship will have ended even before it had a chance to bloom.


While there are different courting rules for gentlemen and women, your creative talents in providing a great and potential courting atmosphere will help you to keep the spark of interest alive. This is the first step into fulfilling your dream of finding your future life partner.

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