“We had a sanctions virus, to which the coronavirus was added, however you did no longer absorb the sanctions virus. You absorb one virus whereas we have got two viruses,” he mentioned Sunday, addressing Europe and the US.

“We did better than you in the fight in opposition to the coronavirus,” he mentioned for the length of a gathering of the Nationwide Headquarters for Managing and Combating the Coronavirus.

President Rouhani mentioned in combating the virus, the Iranian americans resisted nicely, took each and each numerous’s arms and helped and assisted each and each numerous.

“Here is an honor for all, for all our family contributors and americans. Sure, our mission is comparatively appropriate in the fight in opposition to the disease and the dangerous virus, and our mission is easiest when put next with some worldwide locations.”

Iran has been among the worldwide locations hardest hit by the highly contagious virus that first showed up in China in gradual December 2019 earlier than spreading all around the globe.
Rouhani Says Iran Handled Virus Outbreak Better than US, Europe
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