“We hope that the Turkish partners will proceed their efforts to separate the moderates from the extremists, and take measures to neutralize them. It must be emphasised that renaming the teams, to be able to state, altering the slogan does not imply a change in substance, on memoir of they are terrorist [groups],” Russian International Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated on Friday.

Some teams proceed violating the ceasefire regime at a time when disagreements between the factions possess modified into violent.

The Center for Reconciliation between the Warring Parties in Syria announced the operation of the 2nd joint Russian-Turkish patrol on Monday alongside the M-4 Highway between Aleppo and Latakia in the Idlib role.

Earlier, Russian International Minister, Sergey Lavrov, stated that Russia and Turkey will set a stable corridor of 6 km to the north and south of the M-4 Highway in Syria, declaring that an agreement has been reached to discontinuance all hostilities alongside the seam initiating on March Fifth.
Renaming Terrorists in Syria Does Not Mean Change in Substance: Russia to Turkey
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