In particular, Putin ordered to produce certain by Monday that Russia’s tiny- and medium-sized firms can postpone all tax payments with the exception of VAT for the subsequent six months.

“To postpone for six months the phrases of fee of taxes and reach payments (with the exception of for VAT), in conjunction with the phrases of fee of taxes supplied for by particular tax regimes for taxpayers labeled as tiny- and medium-sized firms and working within the industries defined in accordance with sub-item ‘b’ of item 1 of this list of instructions (most affected ones, in conjunction with by the unfold of the unusual coronavirus an infection)”, stated the instruction, revealed on the Kremlin web web converse.

Likewise, the president ordered the discount to 15 p.c of insurance coverage contributions to social funds from salaries of employees of tiny and medium-sized firms that exceed the stage of a minimum wage, Sputnik reported.

Microenterprises — firms with not as much as 15 employees and revenue as much as $1.5 million — tormented by the coronavirus pandemic will likely be in a position to get a six-month delay in payments of insurance coverage contributions to social funds, in accordance with the reveal.

The choice of patients infected with COVID-19 in Russia has increased by 270 folk over the last 24 hours, the country’s operational headquarters for combating the unfold of coronavirus stated in a statement on Sunday. The full tally of COVID-19 patients in Russia now stands at 1,534.
Putin Orders Measures to Support Businesses amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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