Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei delivered a reside and declare speech to the Iranian nation on nationwide TV on Sunday. The reside address took location after he canceled his standard Contemporary twelve months speech on the Imam Reza Holy Shrine within the metropolis of Mashhad in accordance with precautionary measures to stop the extra spread of the brand new coronavirus.

The speech came on the event of the Persian Contemporary twelve months and the auspicious Eid al-Mab’ath, which marks the appointment of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad to his divine mission.

“This day, potentially the most contaminated enemy of the Islamic Republic is the United States,” Ayatollah Khamenei acknowledged in the end of the reside address on Sunday.

“We gather got no shortage of enemies, but the US officers are such shameless, avaricious, lying charlatans,” Ayatollah Khamenei added. “They’re also merciless and terrorists. We gather got such an enemy against us as of late.”

“God first told the Prophet of Islam to notify patience against enemies, but patience would now not mean to take a seat aloof and produce nothing. It system to stand solid and remain appropriate to your calculations no topic the enemies’ deceits, and to stay to it in excessive morale,” he added.

The Leader then talked about the outbreak of the brand new coronavirus in Iran and the enviornment over.

“This day, we’re faced with a global complication. The virus brings each and every concern and financial considerations. What is wished is patience, as nicely as supreme and clever measures. All relevant officers within the country gather been given tremendous directives to make [in combating the spread of the virus],” he acknowledged.

Ayatollah Khamenei then addressed the US authorities and their repeated claim to send clinical help to Iran to fight the coronavirus.

“These phrases are most odd,” the Leader acknowledged. “Initially, you [US] your self gather a shortage of clinical affords. For individuals who might possibly well possibly even merely gather any clinical help, utilize it in your self. Also, you Americans are accused of having developed the virus your self. You can not be relied on. What if the medication you delivered to Iran no doubt precipitated the virus to cease?”

In step with the Leader, “allotment of this virus is asserted to assemble been made for Iran by the notify of genetic backgrounds which they gather level-headed from Iranians, which of direction is allotment of their hostility.”

“Our 40 years of ride reveals that Iran has the capacity to counter any challenges and considerations at any level,” the Leader stressed out.

He then called on every person to note the instructions issued by the anti-coronavirus nationwide headquarters in a articulate to cease the spread of the virus. 
Leader Slammed the US Authorities as “Shameless, Avaricious, Lying charlatans”
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